28/02/2018             Traces of Play at Bournemouth University Loudspeaker Orchestra concert, Bournemouth University, UK

01/07/2017             Fleeting Strands at Sound + Environment, University of Hull, UK.

02/06/2017             Traces of Play at Festival Klang! Électroacoustique 2017, Montpellier, France

29/04/2017             Fleeting Strands at BEAST FEaST 2017 Figure/Landscape/Seascape/Sky,  University of Birmingham, UK

09/11/2016             Pellere at Bournemouth University Loudspeaker Orchestra concert, Bournemouth University, UK

2–4/09/2016           The Nowness of Everything at Bendigo Festival of Exploratory Music, Bendigo, Australia.

29/01/2016             NonRecursive (live improvisation and electronics) at Symposium on Interagency in Technologically-Mediated Performance, Bournemouth University, UK

25/10/2015             Fleeting Strands at INTIME 2015 – Landscapes And Environments: Experimentation And Transformation In Sound And Music, Coventry University, UK

15/10/2015             NonRecursive (live improvisation and electronics) at Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe, The Engine Room, The Old Fire Station, Bournemouth, UK

27/06/2015             Pellere at NYCEMF 2015 (New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival), New York, USA

21/03/2015             Pellere at EARspace/Frontiers Festival, HFWAS, Birmingham

17/08/2014             Pellere at ICMC-SMC 2014, Athens, Greece

05/06/2014             Pellere at Festival KLANG! Électroacoustique 2014, Montpellier, France

22/03/2014             Sound diffusion at The Music of Bernard Parmegiani Retrospective Festival, London Contemporary Music Festival, London

21/03/2014             Fouram at Festival 5 Giornate, Contemporary Music Centre of Milan, Italy

09/11/2013             Fleeting Strands at Symposium on Acoustic Ecology, University of Kent, Chatham, UK

03/08/2013             Secure at LCMF 2013 (London Contemporary Music Festival), Bold Tendencies, London

01/07/2013             Pellere at Royal Academy of Music, London

04/06/2013             Pellere at City University, London

01/02/2013             Pellere at From Tape to Typedef Conference, University of Sheffield, UK

14/12/2012             Pellere at IFIMPAC Festival, Leeds College of Music, Leeds, UK

13/09/2012             Fleeting Strands at ICMC 2012, Lubljana, Slovenia

21/06/2012             10_35_70 at Royal Academy of Music, London

02/05/2012             Fleeting Strands at NoiseFloor Festival, Staffordshire University, UK

27/04/2012             Fleeting Strands at IFIMPAC Festival, Leeds College of Music, Leeds, UK

26/10/2011             Fleeting Strands at Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

25/10/2011             Fleeting Strands at IDKA (Institutet for Digitala Konstarter), Gävle, Sweden

01/08/2011             The Nowness of Everything at ICMC 2011, Huddersfield, UK

22/06/2011             Fleeting Strands at Royal Academy of Music, London, UK

17/06/2011             The Nowness of Everything at EMS11 with The Electronic Music Foundation, New York, USA

05/2011                   10_35_70 on Elektramusic Radioshow for Experimental Music, France

03/05/2010             The Nowness of Everything at Music Under the Influence of Computers concert, Center for Research in Computing and the Arts, University of California, San Diego, USA

07/03/2009             10_35_70 at MANTIS Spring 09 and the North West-North Wales Music Exchange Conference, NOVARS Research Centre, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK

10/12/2008             10_35_70 at Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow, UK

29/08/2008             10_35_70 at Sonorities Festival/ICMC 2008, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queenís University, Belfast, UK

27/08/2007             Fouram at ICMC 2007, Copenhagen, Denmark

06/11/2006             Fouram at Pulsar Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

23/09/2006             Fouram at Visiones Sonoras Festival Internacional de Música Electroacoústica y Nuevas Tecnologìas, Mexico City and Morelia, Mexico 2006