Concert at The Royal Academy of Music

Double bill concert || July 1 || Royal Academy of Music, London || Admission FREE

CONCERT 1 (6pm)
Featuring music from the Royal Academy of Music Students.

CONCERT 2 (7.30pm)
Kimon Grigoriadis – Awakening, Violin, Dancer, and Electronics
Aki Pasoulas – Paraboles Mixe, Stereo, Acousmatic
Erik Nystrom – Lucent Voids, 8 channels, Acousmatic
Patrick Nunn – Pareildolia I, Bass Clarinet with Sensors
Ambrose Seddon – Pellere, 8 channels, Acousmatic
Andrew Lewis – LEXICON (London Premiere), 8 channels, Audiovisual

Violin: Katherine Betteridge || Bass Clarinet: Sarah Watts || Dance: Despina Goula


The DJ Recital Hall
Royal Academy of Music
Marylebone Road

London NW1 5LT

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