Secure was a 16 channel generative audio installation created for the London Contemporary Music Festival 2013, at Bold Tendencies, Peckham, London. Using noise-based audio material evocative of the kinds of sounds an unborn infant might hear in the womb, the aim was to create an immersive atmosphere that would envelope the audience members. The reflectivity of the location, a car park in Peckham, diffused the sound further, helping create a blanket of noise.

“Ambrose Seddon’s immersive sound montage, ‘Secure‘, which had evolved as a means of calming his infant son’s colic, crossed slabs of raw distortion with watery trickles, and some audience members gravitated to the speakers to get close to the nuances of the less tangible sonics.” London Jazz Review, August 2013.




Drawing by Geoff Winston. © 2013. All Rights Reserved