‘Tipping Points’ at the Horniman Museum, Being Human Festival 2019

My sound installation ‘Tipping Points’ recently featured at the Sounds from the Gardens event at the Horniman Museum on 16–17 November 2019, which was part if the Being Human Festival.

On this occasion I installed a developed version of the sound installation from that showing at BEAF in May 2019. This new version featured new bird-call audio and field recordings made in and around the Horniman Museum, in addition to the Dorset ecosystem recordings. The interactions were refined and re-programmed, allowing visitors to both excite and severely constrain the growth of the ‘bird population’.

It was a fantastic event, and considerable thanks go to Marcus Leadley at Goldsmiths for his exceptional organisation and loan of loudspeakers.

View from the 1st floor of the Natural History Gallery
Speaker-eye view!

The surface-level Max patch